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What is the difference between a Short Sale and a Foreclosure?

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between a short sale and a foreclosure? Well, you are not alone!

We receive this question so often at the Pruett Group that we wanted to create a special blog entry to help you separate fact from fiction!

short sale is the sale of a home in which the seller’s mortgage lender agrees to accept a payoff of less than the current balance due on the loan.  (A seller is therefore “shorting” the lender of the remaining funds.) In a short sale, the owner still technically owns the property but both the seller AND the bank need to approve the sale. Therefore, in order to buy or sell a home listed as a short sale, the seller needs to accept the offer first and then submit it to their mortgage lender(s) for final approval.  A seller will often attempt to short sale their home to avoid foreclosure.

Why would a lender agree to a short sale and allow the home owner to pay back less than what is owed on their mortgage? To save time and money. Foreclosures are extremely costly and  time-consuming for lenders. They must incur a mutitude of carrying costs while managing real estate rather than mortgage payments. Once the lender realizes that a foreclosure is  inevitable, a short sale may seem like the lesser of two evils.

A foreclosure (REO) is a term that refers to a bank owned property. REO stands for “Real Estate Owned” which is the industry term for foreclosure. These two terms are used interchangeably. A foreclosure is a property that the bank has taken back through the foreclosure process and failed to sell at a trustee sale. When a home is listed as a foreclosure, the bank is the owner and makes all of the decisions regarding the sale. They typically sell the property “as-is” and with  minimal disclosures. REO properties are vacant and sales happen quickly, typically in 30 days or less.

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