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Marcy & Rick Castillo

“I have no words to express the experience that I had coming in to buying my VERY FIRST HOME! My husband and I of 16 years came into the home buying process blind and needed some direction so we searched online and finally went out on a limb and submitted a request on a home that we had an interest in. The next morning we received a phone call from Marci (the best name in the world) that we could make an appointment to look at the house and we agreed on a time.

We met Marci and the introduction was amazing! Just meeting her we both knew that  it was going to happen because not only was she helping us find the RIGHT home for our family but we were also building a relationship. Being a first time home buyer was scary but we knew exactly what we wanted because we had been waiting for a very long time. We looked and looked but the great thing about it was that Marci listened to our wants, our concerns, and just us as a couple rather than just helping us find a home. After 3 months of searching, getting our pre-approval, and getting all of our ducks in a row, we finally found one we wanted!

The journey that Marci led us down was not only professional and accurate with the information she gave us, but it was also a friendship that was built from the trust she had in us as people and the trust we had in her as an advisor.

I cannot find the words to write how grateful my family and I are to Marci because she changed our lives in more than one way.

It is always hard to find people that you can trust especially when it involves money and family and Marci was always there when we needed her. It was more than an agent client relationship it was a trustworthy friendship. Marci treated us like family and we will be in debt to her for that.

Thank you again!”