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Selling Your Home – Paint Choices Matter

Selling your home and choosing paintWhether you love the home you live in or plan to sell a home in the near future, paint can play a significant role in the overall appeal of your home. When a home is listed for sale,  paint can often affect the final sales price as well as the number of offers you receive.

When choosing a paint color, the goal is to take a more conservative approach, reserving brighter accent colors for places like trim and your front entry door. It is wise to take a drive through your neighborhood and view it’s “palette” as a whole. Your home should be distinct, yet complimentary.

With that being said, I know how challenging it can be to visualize your home with an enitrely different color scheme! In my years selling new homes, I received many puzzled looks from clients viewing their color choices on small square pieces of paper! Oftentimes homeowners find it useful to find a home painted the color they like and ask the homeowner for the name of the color(s) they used.

Another common method for visualizing your home in a new color is to take a digital photo of the home’s front and back exterior and upload it to one of the many paint websites available on the internet. Choose a home with similar structure and trim to yours and use the “paint feature” to experiment different looks.

Once you’ve found a paint scheme you like, purchase a bit of sample paint and apply it to various areas of your home exterior (making sure to view it throughout the day to see how it looks in different light.) If after a few days, you determine that the color is perfect, hire a recommended professional painters (call me if you need a suggestion) and start the process of beautifying your home! 🙂

Here are a few interesting  paint facts to consider when selling a home:

  • White (and varying shades of white) is THE most popular exterior color of homes. Other popular choices are grays and earth tones with white trim.
  • Exterior paint can be used to attract attention to your home’s architecture, and natural tones can actually allow it to blend with your landscaping. Therefore, it is important to determine what “look” you want to achieve before settling on colors.
  • Paint colors have changed and evolved over the years. If you own a historic home,  it is helpful to reference the original color when making restorations.  You can consult the National Trust for Historical Preservation for information on specific genres.
  • Doors are often used now as an accent feature in many homes. This is a simple way to add a pop of color and interest to your home.
  • According to, the 2012 national cost to paint your home averages from $1.08 to $1.43 per square foot. You can visit their website for a tool on local estimates for San Diego, or any other city.  The forecasted cost includes preparation, painting, general debris cleanup, final touches, and any tools or supplies needed on the job. You should also plan on an added cost of about 15% to cover contractor project management, as well.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful! Here at the Pruett Group, we pride ourselves on taking great care of our clients. If you need more information on prepping your home for sale, feel free to contact Marci Pruett directly at: or (858) 531-1119.


Marci Pruett

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