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Pets & Your Home For Sale

Many homeowners own pets. This is one of the many benefits of home ownership! However, are you aware that pets can actually hurt your ability to sell a home quickly and for the price you want?

This may sound alarming, but here are a few tips to help ensure that your home is up to “snuff” before placing it on the market. Feel free to contact me for more specific recommendations on selling your home.

Wear & Tear, Chew & Claw – Homes where pets live have a bit more wear and tear in general. As a seller, you want to do what you can to minimize this by examining your home for dirt, fur, stains, chew and claw marks. Take a close look at the exterior of your home, too. Fix or replace any structural damage and level out your landscaping as much as possible. Evaluate your plants, too.

Be “Scent”sible – A home absorbs the scents of its residents. When you own a pet, your home naturally adopts their scent as well. Vacuuming frequently and opening windows windows are easy fixes to alleviate immediate issues, and area or general stain treatment is advised, as well. Deep cleaning may be needed throughout your home and carpet replacement may be necessary, as well. The Humane Society has tips for stain removal, too, and please recognize that a quick spray of air freshener is not the answer.

Plan a Mini-Vacation – Pets are noticed less by prospective buyers if they (and their toys, food and bedding items) are absent from the property. During home showings,  it’s best if your animals are not on the property. This relieves stress for potential buyers who may have an allergy or an aversion to animals. Remember, buyers need to envision themselves living in the home before they will move forward with an offer. Pets provide a distraction for many home buyers and can make them feel uncomfortable and uneasy in your home (the last thing you want!) Consider your friends, relatives, or other safe places where your pets may enjoy a mini-vacation while your home is on the market. Some pet owners actually choose to relocate first and then sell their home to alleviate stress on themselves and their pet(s).

Keeping the above in mind should help you to get the best price for your home, and have you and your pet(s) enjoying your new surroundings in no time!

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