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Tips for a Successful Open House!

When you are buying a home or listing your home for sale, you have a lot to consider. If you are buying, you will no doubt be viewing and walking through many houses in search for the one that makes you feel “at home.” If you are selling your home, you will need to make your home feel less “yours” so that it can appeal to buyers.

Both of these situations can be emotionally challenging so it’s helpful to have a trusted friend and Realtor by your side throughout the process.

A real estate agent has more experience when it comes to knowing how to market or discriminate between homes in your area. Trust your agent to have your best interests in mind so you can take advantage of that unique knowledge. This is especially true when it comes to open houses!

Work with and listen to your agent’s suggestions to meet with the most success (and be sure to follow my advice in this post.)

Staging A Successful Open House

First off, make the interior of your home shine by cleaning and de-cluttering your space!  If it fits in your budget, consider removing the bulk of your home’s contents to an alternate location. Your ultimate goal as a seller is to move, so start packing! It will help your home to sell more quickly. Consider the model home concept that new builders use and set that as the goal for your home – neutral, tasteful, open.

Make sure the outside looks great, both in regards to your property, and your neighbors’ homes. Does your street look safe, well-kept and friendly? If not, brainstorm about what you can do to achieve a friendly neighborhood feel. Maybe you can offer to help trim or mow your neighbor’s lawn or put away their trashcans, creating a more attractive canvas for your home. Check that your for sale sign is standing straight and tall and consider adding a few balloons (bright colors) to attract even more attention.

Speaking of neighbors, invite them! This is an opportunity to hand-pick a new neighbor, and they can have a say in it by inviting their interested friends. Our experience in New Home sales showed us (time and time again) that neighbors want to pick their own neighbors! Plus, this will create a buzz around your new listing, increase positive energy, and make sure your open house is well attended! If you have a neighbor who has listed their home, be sure to visit their open house too, so you can see what your home is being compared against. This is very important! Also, by including  your neighbors you may actually find that they are more than willing to assist you with your open house with small favors like making sure there is ample street parking or repairing a broken brick planter.

Since you’ve invited your neighbors to stop by, make sure you have fresh baked goods present in your home as a thank you for visiting. Nothing says “home” better than the smell of vanilla and cinnamon. If you are unable to do this, do NOT resort to air fresheners as many people are allergic to them.

Please feel free to contact us to share your thoughts on what you feel makes open houses more valuable to you as a home buyer and seller. We  love hearing from our dear friends and clients!

As always, we are here to assist with all of your Real Estate needs. For other more specific suggestions on how to make YOUR open house more successful, contact Marci Pruett at  (858) 531-1119.


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