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Home For Sale? Time to Spring Clean!

Spring is in the air, making it a great time to spruce up your home!  Whether you have just purchased a home with us or are planning to sell, a little bit of effort and a few quick cleaning tips will help your home sparkle!!

Before you start to spring clean, open up the windows so air can circulate throughout your home.  This will help remove any mustiness and stale air trapped in the home. We love using candles, essential oils, and room fresheners to add a pleasant scent throughout the house!

Take a peek at your walls and surfaces and use a melamine sponge to wipe away anything from soap scum to marker or crayon.  You will be amazed at how easily the dirt is removed with the sponge and a little water! A popular brand of sponge we love  is the Magic Eraser by Mister Clean.

For a painfree and fast dusting method, use a microfiber cloth to capture the dust most effectively.  Follow up your dusting with a quick run of your vacuum cleaner to clear away any particles that may have settled.  You can also reduce the amount of dust in your home by cleaning the filters on your circulation systems.

Remove dust from your curtains by dry-cleaning or washing them (be sure to follow the label instructions) before rehanging.  There are many tools available for clearing dust from other window coverings, so spend a few minutes researching techniques here, if you have questions about the quickest methods.  If you have a shower liner, add it to your laundry load.  Just make sure you allow it to air dry rather than dry in the dryer.

Hopefully these tips will inspire you and help to get your home in “Spring Clean” shape!

Wishing you a beautiful and happy Spring!




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