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Maximizing Your Outdoor Space

porch swing for your homeSummer time means more time outdoors for most of us, and especially for children. If you find yourself spending more time outside your home in the month of July, you are not alone, given that it is officially Park and Recreation month.

While you may enjoy visiting the parks near your home, this is also a good time to peek outside and see how your backyard measures up on the play scale. Whether you have a sandbox, a clubhouse, a swing set, or none of the above, you can do a lot to ensure that your backyard can still be a nice place to relax and have fun.

Contrary to popular belief, swing sets are not just for kids. A wide variety of cushioned and shaded swings are available to enhance your surroundings and give you a place to relax and enjoy the view from your backyard or porch, depending on your landscaping or “play” space. Benches work well for this, too, if you prefer less movement. The main goal is to have a space where you can take time each day to enjoy the quiet moments your outdoor space has to offer.

If you would like to add a feature such as a swing to your decor, you have many options. You can take the DIY route with a kit or eclectic swing directions found online, or pick up the item of your choice from a local retailer. Whichever you choose, be sure to check the materials for solid workmanship and quality. Sun, water and wind damage can make short work of your outdoor addition otherwise!

Consider asking your friends and family members for help building or assembling your outdoor area. When evaluating how to make your “play” space more attractive, consider how it is used and who uses it. Be sure you mazimize your views, and organize your furniture so you can move freely between indoor and outdoor spaces.

To learn more about keeping your  “play” space safe, consider reading about playground hazards from America’s Backyard, a publication produced by the National Recreation and Park Association. The brochure has general playground safety tips on keeping your loved ones safe, whether in a private place like your home, or in a public open space. Regardless of where you spend your outdoor time, we hope these tips will help you find your quiet moments this Summer…


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