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Choosing a Garage Door For Your Home

When viewing the exterior of your home, where does your eye focus first? If you have no cars in the driveway, more than likely you’ll notice the garage, a wide expanse that may or may not be beautiful. If your garage exterior happens to fall in the “not so appealing” category, it may be time to consider a new garage door.

While a garage door is generally not of prime concern as long as it works properly, it really can enhance the overall curb appeal of your home. The following suggestions outline what to ask and how to find the garage door that will best suit your needs and those of your home.


1.)  Think Materials – Wood, Aluminum, Steel, Fiberglass, Windows or Not? Remember that windows can more easily be broken and increase the ability to “see” what is in the garage, potentially increasing risk of burglary or repair. Windows are an attractive way to let in more light if you will be working in your garage often. Ask whether the door can be locked manually as a security feature while you are away from your home for extended periods of time.

2.)  Consider Existing Size – One car or more? Knowing the width, height and depth of the current door will help you know which models to view.

3.)  Snowball Effect – Will replacing the door require a replacement of the garage door opener? Should you upgrade that equipment, as well?

4.) Safety First – Make sure that the garage door for your home has a retracting feature to detect interference from small children or pets.  As with any upgrade you make to your home, safety needs to be considered alongside beauty.

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